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5 Things to know about About Pink Sapphires

5 Things to know about About Pink Sapphires

1- They are rare:

While Pink Sapphires are not as expensive as pink diamonds, they are still rare. The untreated stone that is free of inclusions and has superior color will be more expensive.

The price can range depending on quality, but a typically 1.5 carat sapphire can be around $1,900.

2- They come in many shades:

Many people think of the color blue when they think of sapphires. However, they naturally do come in a variety of colors like pink, yellow and green.

The pink sapphire rang from light to dark colors. They are also found in a purplish pink or orange/pink hue.

3- They contain several minerals:

Pink sapphires belong to the corundum family of minerals.

They have traces of copper, titanium, iron, magnesium, and chromium that affect its color. The higher the chromium content is the deeper the pink hue.

4- They radiate love:

The pink hue symbolize intense love and loyalty.

They’re also believed to carry good fortune.

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5- It's all about your own taste:

Buying a sapphire of any color is less technical than buying a diamond.

You’ll want to consider the 4 C's. Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color.

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