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Actual Kids Drawing Pendant

We turned this kid's drawing into an 18K gold pendant.

It was a fun and complex project.

On the pendant you will find yellow, black, and white diamonds.

We used lost wax of casting technique for this work of art.

What is "Lost Wax Casting?"

Lost wax casting is a great way to make unique jewelry components. A lot jewelry experts use it to produce their own designs.

Step 1: Created the wax model of the design using CAD, or computer aided design.

Step 2: Once created, the model is set inside a steel container and covered with plaster.

Step 3: The container is then put into a furnace or a kiln, and the wax is 'lost,' and burned out of the container.

Step 4: The container is then put into a casting machine and what's left behind in the plaster is filled with the metal of choice.

We cast multiple pieces. Cleaning, hand picking and setting each individual diamond.

We then assembled all the pieces together.

Total weight is 1.5cts of diamonds.

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